Install Gnome-Pie in Debian 7/8 & Debian based derivatives

By Umair Monday, April 06, 2015

Hello guys, after long time we are back and we will continue writing tutorials for Debian and other Linux Distributions.
Gnome-Pie is an application which gives easy access to applications/shortcuts, it consists of several pies, each consisting of multiple slices. It is released under GPL license which mean you are free to modify and redistribute if you want to do so, it is fast, stable, smooth, and well optimized for Linux desktop but still creator of Gnome-pie do not claim its perfection which means if you encounter any bug report it to creator. Unlike other launchers you have to press combination of keys to open desired slice which can be modify from its settings. Mainly you can activate one of its slice, open application, open file, or access shortcuts.

Many other launcher are available where you have to type in order to search something but in Gnome-Pie you can access applications/media/shortcuts/bookmarks using categories. It also allows you to create your custom pie and add custom apps/files/folders to that slice. Gnome-Pie uses a different approach: The user does not need to remember the name of an application - just the direction has to be remembered.
Gnome-Pie can be customized easily, you can set your own shortcut key to access specific pie; create your new pie and add slices(applications/commands) to it; change appearance(theme) of pie (pre-designed themes available); start Gnome-Pie on login and display panel indicator/icon; increase/decrease size of pie; enable/disable slice labels of applications, and more.

Tested on Debian 7, It can work in Debian 8 and related Debian 7/8 derivatives
To install Gnome-Pie in Debian open terminal and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

After installation open Gnome-pie from menu and press Ctrl+Alt+A to check Application menu, You can add or delete apps from its preferences.
That's it

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