Install iTunes on using PlayonLinux on Ubuntu/Linux Mint

By Umair Sunday, March 18, 2012

In ubuntu or other linux distributions iTunes still not available. There are several other audio player for Linux which can be taken as alternative for iTunes. If you are using iTunes for managing your Iphone, Ipod and Ipad there is a strong reason to install iTunes in Linux for you. so, How to iTunes can running on ubuntu.You can install iTunes in Ubuntu easily using a application called playonlinux.

linux itunes

Playonlinux is an application which simply allows to install several Windows application in Ubuntu Linux.

Installation of PlayonLinux on Ubuntu/Linux Mint, open Terminal and enter following command:
sudo apt-get install playonlinux
For other Linux distros,download playonlinux here

Open playonlinux and Click on install. You will see bunch of application based on category including most popular program, most downloaded, most rated. Type iTunes in the searchbar and you will find the several version of iTunes.

linux itunes

Select the version that you want to install.

You will be informed with version that you are installing and the location of your installation with some warning Click on next to proceed.

PlayonLinux now download the iTunes or ask for the source depending upon the version you have choosen.


You can finally see installation widget for iTunes Click on Next and follow the procedure like installing simple application in windows.

linux itunes

After following all procedure iTunes will be install in your system. You can see the iTunes in your Ubuntu or any other Linux Distribution.

linux itunes

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6 comments to ''Install iTunes on using PlayonLinux on Ubuntu/Linux Mint"

  1. Hi
    I installed playonlinux on ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    But in the list of the multimedia files, there is no itunes to install.
    There is no result put in “itunes” in the search field of playonlinux.
    I tried to install it with a install file from, but it won’t work.
    Where I can get a file to install itunes ?
    Thank you

  2. it wont find itunes when i write it in the tool bar... :(

  3. Check the box "Include: Testing" and then search for iTunes.

  4. can i hook my iphone up?

  5. i can only find itunes 10, when i look under Testing
    but this itunes has no Usb-device
    and it isn't possible to install

  6. Horrible guide. Missing steps, outdated. Itunes 10 is around according to it and has no Usb device or an alternative set up option.