Install PlayStation 2 emulator in Ubuntu 11.10

By Umair Sunday, February 05, 2012

In the bowels of the internet came across an interesting piece. Though I'm not playing games, but I think gamers will be interested. PCSX2 emulator- PS2 (PlayStation 2) , the program is open source software for both Windows and for Linux platforms.

To install the emulator in Ubuntu 10.11 ( 32-bit ), follow the instructions below.
- 1st step:
 wget -O pcsx2-l10n-unstable_5068-1_all.deb  
 sudo dpkg -i pcsx2-l10n-unstable_5068-1_all.deb  
- 2nd step:
 wget -O nvidia-cg-toolkit-pcsx2_i386.deb  
 sudo dpkg -i nvidia-cg-toolkit-pcsx2_i386.deb  
- 3rd step:
 sudo apt-get install libglew1.6 libwxbase2.8-0 libwxgtk2.8-0  
- 4th step:
 wget -O pcsx2-plugins-unstable_5068-1_i386.deb  
 sudo dpkg -i pcsx2-plugins-unstable_5068-1_i386.deb  
- 5th step:
 wget -O pcsx2-plugins-unstable-dbg_5068-1_i386.deb  
 sudo dpkg -i pcsx2-plugins-unstable-dbg_5068-1_i386.deb  
- 6th step:
 wget -O pcsx2-unstable_5068-1_i386.deb  
 sudo dpkg -i pcsx2-unstable_5068-1_i386.deb  

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