BEATBOX Elementary Music Player 0.3 is Released - Ubuntu/Linux Mint

By Umair Thursday, February 09, 2012

Beatbox, the default music player in the upcoming elementary "Luna" release, has reached version 0.3 codename "Acolyte". The new version includes an improved album view, iPod sync, podcast and Internet radio support, among others.

Beatbox features a clean interface with 3 possible views, including a very cool album view, smart playlists, MPRIS v2 support (can make use of the Ubuntu sound menu or various GNOME Shell extensions) integration (scrobbling, similar songs, etc.) and more.

Most important changes in Beatbox 0.3:
  • Better album view, shadows for album covers, native gtk, more integrated, new popup view.
  • iPod sync using libgpod.
  • Speed improvements to list and album view.
  • Full podcast support.
  • Internet radio support.
  • Import/export playlists.
  • Cleaner first run experience.
  • Now reads album artist, composer, disc number.
  • Lyric fetching

Download BeatBox Music Player (includes Ubuntu .deb packages and source files) - BeatBox requires some dependencies which aren't available in the Ubuntu repositories: SQLHeavy (PPA here) and libranite0 which you can get either from the elementary daily PPA (make sure you read the PPA description before adding it!) or from the Eidete PPA (which should be safer than the elementary daily PPA).

Download BeatBOX for 32-bit

Download BeatBOX for 64-bit


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