Install Calibre eBook Library/Converter/Reader in Debian and in any Linux distribution

By Umair Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Calibre is an open-source and free eBook converter, reader, and library manager developed by community for users of e-books. It offers great features which can be categorized easily and even paid library manager doesn't offer such features. It manages local storage ebook collection, it is designed around the concept of the logical book, i.e., a single entry in your library that may correspond to actual e-book files in several formats. You can sort the books in the library by: Title, Author, Date added, Date published, Size, Rating, Series, etc.
It extends the support for extra searchable metadata:
  • Tags: A flexible system for categorizing your collection however you like.
  • Comments: A long form entry that you can use for book description, notes, reviews, etc.

Using Calibre program you can search in your collection for a book easily, it supports searching any and all of the fields mentioned above. You can construct advanced search queries by clicking the helpful "Advanced search" button to the left of the search bar. It also allows you to export arbitrary subsets of your collection to your hard disk arranged in a fully customizable folder structure.
Calibre can also go to Internet to find book metadata based on existing title/author or ISBN information provided. It can download various types of metadata and covers for your books, automatically. The metadata system is written using plugins so that different types of metadata sources can be supported in the future.

You can use calibre to convert ebooks from a large number of formats to wide number of formats, all major formats are already supported as well as least used formats. You can check supported format list here.
The conversion engine has lots of powerful features. It can rescale all font sizes, ensuring the output e-book is readable no matter what font sizes the input document uses. It can automatically detect/create book structure, like chapters and Table of Contents. It can insert the book metadata into a "Book Jacket" at the start of the book.

Calibre has a modular device driver design that makes adding support for different e-reader devices easy. It can automatically fetch news from websites or RSS feeds, format the news into a ebook and upload to a connected device. Also it has a built-in ebook viewer that can display all the major ebook formats. It has full support for Table of Contents, bookmarks, CSS, a reference mode, printing, searching, copying, customizing the rendering via a user style sheet, embedded fonts, etc.
calibre has a built-in web server that allows you to access your ebook collection using a simple browser from any computer anywhere in the world. It can also email your books and downloaded news to you automatically. It has support for mobile devices, so you can browse your collection and download books from your smartphone, Kindle, etc. Calibre has a built-in editor that allows you to edit e-books in the most popular e-book formats, EPUB and AZW3 (Kindle).



Tested on Debian 7, It can work in Debian 8 and on any Linux Distribution
To install Calibre Library in Debian/any Linux open terminal and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

If you get an error about an untrusted certificate, that means your computer does not have any root certificates installed, then you can use following command to install calibre without certificate:

To uninstall Calibre enter this command in the Terminal:
That's it

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