Desktop Clock App for Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Finding out the time in Ubuntu isn't exactly difficult: it’s displayed on the top panel at all times.
But new HTML5-based time-telling app ‘Clock‘ thinks there’s still room for a chatoyant chronometer on your Linux desktop.
If you’re thinking “What’s the point?” at this juncture I’d urge you to check your phone.
Are you one of the hundreds-of-thousands of users who place a giant ticking timepiece on their home-screen  despite the time being discreetly displayed at all times in the Android status bar?

Much like the real life variety Clock has one primary purpose: to tell you the time.
For this the app and its developer, Micheal Harker, get full marks because it automatically detected my timezone and showed me the correct time.
Conversely, I also felt it was lacking; some form of timer or alarm would have been a worthwhile addition.
But since this is a first release it’s better the basics are done well.

Download Deb file from here

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