Install Y-PPA Manager on Ubuntu 12.10/12.04 or Linux Mint

By Umair Sunday, October 14, 2012

Y PPA Manager, like the name says, is a tool to manage PPAs: add, remove, purge PPAs, search for packages in Launchpad PPAs, list packages in a PPA and lots more, all from a single user interface. For a complete feature list, see the Y PPA Manager Launchpad page. You can install Y-PPA manager on Ubuntu 12.10 or 12.04 or Linux Mint

Y PPA Manager features:
  • Add PPA
  • Works in Linux Mint
  • Delete PPA - displays all the enabled PPAs (disabled PPAs will not be listed) and you can delete any PPA from that list
  • Purge PPA - uses the "ppa-purge" tool to downgrade the packages in the selected PPA to the version in the official Ubuntu repositories and disables that PPA
  • List packages in a PPA enabled on your computer - lists all the packages that are available for your Ubuntu version in the selected PPA (only PPAs that you have added to your system and are enabled will show up here)
  • Backup PPAs
  • Remove duplicate sources .list files (doesn't work for the main sources.list file)

  • Transient notifications for GNOME Shell
  • Initial support for Launchpad PPAs (only Launchpad!) added to /etc/apt/sources.list instead of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ (experimental). Note: the duplicate PPAs removal, "Re-enable working PPAs after Ubuntu upgrade" and "Update release name in working PPAs" features don't yet support this.
  • Some features like Remove PPA, Purge PPA or List Packages in PPAs have been merged into a single "Manage PPAs" dialog. Also, in this dialog, the PPA name is now displayed (e.g.: ppa:webupd8team/gthumb) instead of the PPA .list file name
  • Manage PPAs: new option to view/edit the .list source file
  • Manage PPAs: new option to update a single PPA. This was already implemented in Y PPA Manager and was used when adding a PPA, but there wasn't a GUI implementation to manually update single PPAs.
  • Many "update-ppa" improvements (this is the command line tool used to update single PPAs; use "update-ppa --help for more info), including a fix for Linux Mint or support for more repository formats, e.g. "update-ppa quantal main".

Installation of Y-PPA manager on Ubuntu/mint, open terminal and enter commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/y-ppa-manager
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install y-ppa-manager
Source available here Y-PPA Manager

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