New Real Time Video Capture Tool for Linux Games

By Umair Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gamecaster is a graphical user interface for open source project glc. It can capture real time footage of any Linux game that uses ALSA for sound and OpenGL for drawing.

  • Capture HD video of Linux games that use OpenGL acceleration
  • Select a game binary or choose one of your installed games to start recording
  • Playback a .glc file
  • Encode a captured .glc file into webm video format
  • Options to change capture hotkey, video bitrate and number of CPU threads
  • Ubuntu indicator support
Gamecaster is written in GTK3 and Python and it is first application I have developed for Linux. I have never learnt programming so the code is probably not very good. That said, the application has been tested properly and it should work as described.

Installation of GameCaster in Ubuntu, open Terminal and enter commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:niteshgupta16/gamecaster-stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gamecaster

For installing in other distributions, you will have to get the latest tarball release from Launchpad.
Required dependencies are: ffmpeg, xdotool, glc, vorbis-tools, mkvtoolnix, python-gmenu, python.
Installation may require following dependencies: python-setuptools, python-distutils-extra.
To install, unpack the tarball, go to the extracted folder and run:
sudo python install
Default installation path is /usr/local.

As this is first release, Gamecaster is very much in alpha stage. So in case of any issue, please report a bug at

Known issues:
If you have disabled global menu in Unity, the application toolbar may look badly themed. Reloading your current GTK theme or switching to any other will fix it.
Under KDE, some text may not be properly aligned.
Planned features:
Supply your own custom command
Force ALSA on selected game


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