Install Some Important Lenses under Ubuntu Unity 12.04/11.10

By Umair Thursday, February 09, 2012

The lenses of Unity are facing windows to display search results for files, applications or other information easily from the desktop Unity. Here we bring you collected 10 of the best lenses for Unity that are available for Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric Ocelot.

Before installing the lenses need you to add the PPA 'Super Lens' to your software sources to install with a single click of the way you present them in this article. To add the PPA opens a new terminal window and enter the commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jsevi83/unity
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/lenses
sudo apt-get update

1: Graphic Lens

A lens designed especially for graphic designers that offers help in finding the necessary resources to fully develop creativity. Comes with 4 search categories which are: design, palettes, icons and brushes. To use it simply enter the search word in the search field and the lens will present the results in general or in any of the selected category.
sudo apt-get install unity-scope-colourlovers

2: Contact Lens

A lens that is limited to find exactly what its name suggests, contacts. When you enter a name returns the search results done in your Google contacts.
sudo apt-get install scope-contacts-google
sudo apt-get install lens-contacts

3: Tomboy Lens

A lens specifically designed to return search results Tomboy notes. It also allows you to search through the text of saved notes. To install this lens you must first add the repository through the terminal with the commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:remi.rerolle/unity-lens-tomboy
sudo apt-get install unity-lens-tomboy

4: Flickr Lens

If you are a photographer will be very useful this lens dedicated to search for images on Flickr without leaving the desk. Requires authorization to access the photos.
sudo apt-get install unity-scope-flickr

5: Youtube Lens

Search videos on the popular YouTube site from your desktop. The results can be filtered by categories such as qualification, date of upload, etc.
sudo apt-get install lens-video
sudo apt-get install scope-youtube

6: Cities Scope Lens

It allows you to search for information relevant to cities and countries such as the current time, the state of climate and its link to Google Maps.
sudo apt-get install unity-scope-cities

7: Gwibber Lens

If you're a fan of microblogging client Gwibber will come in handy this elegant lens that turns out to be a perfect complement to the application. With Lens Gwibber can view messages, replies, tweets, pictures and other content from Twitter, and you can even search through them and apply filters to refine your search, directly from the lens and one or more accounts. Its only counterpart is that some delay may occur in the sample of the contents.
sudo apt-get install unity-lens-gwibber

8: Books Lens

If you're used to download books in digital format lens books will greatly facilitate your search, to show the results of books available online for free and legal according to the criteria that you specify. You can search based on authors, books or names of specific sources and the lens will show the results clickable to take you to the page where you can download. If you have a large collection of books stored on your computer the lens will also facilitate local search and you can quickly get any book you want to read.
sudo apt-get install unity-lens-books

9: Spotify Scope Lens

While there are some scopes for the lens of music Unity (Clementine, Grooveshark, Banshee) music lovers will love the scope for Spotify, enabling them to search for songs by criteria such as track name or artist, and show results obtained from the gigantic Spotify music library. By clicking on a result, immediately open the track or album for playback.
sudo apt-get install unity-scope-spotify

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